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Morning Glory
...glowing with its splendor
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19th-Dec-2005 08:47 pm - .020.
I can't take this anymore.
10th-Dec-2005 03:25 pm - .019.
Emptiness // Angst
What's this? I feel so different. Different is good though. I'm stronger. Darkness is strong. With it, I can conquer all. Nothing can stop me.
27th-Nov-2005 11:32 am - .018.
Who the hell would leave such a disgusting sight in front of my room. This is gross. Beyond gross.
14th-Nov-2005 10:13 pm - .017.
Emptiness // Angst
I..I can't sleep anymore. How did this happen? Was it real or a dream. I saw Kohaku. I saw father. They were dead. I killed them. But, no I didn't.

I can't take this!
12th-Nov-2005 03:56 pm - .016.
Pardon my lack of updating. I don't really know what came over me. I guess you can call it depression, maybe extreme depression. I miss Kirara. If anyone needs me, they can find me in my room.

Private//HackableCollapse )
26th-Oct-2005 08:13 pm - .015.
That monk. What an idiot. He's selling himself to girls. When the lady who wins gets him, i'm sure Ilucia will be forced to pay double the amount he sold for to the winner. I guess this could be interesting though.

I am sure as hell not participating and nothing can change that.
18th-Oct-2005 08:12 am - .014.
This place has turned into a nightmare. Everyone is gone. Miroku? Are you here?

4th-Oct-2005 06:47 pm - .013.

But how can I leave without Kirara?
29th-Sep-2005 09:09 pm - .012.
Hmm, interesting.

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
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27th-Sep-2005 04:08 pm - .011.
That infernal tower is finally gone, but so many people seemed to be part of this. Lady it seems has had a large wound appear. I really need to see if she needs help. This place is insane. Has anyone seen that monk lately? He's too quiet for his own good.

Kirara's still gone. I need to find her. What if someone has happened to her?
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